For some reason, I like having a notebook with me to write stuff down. But I never do.

When I encounter a coding problem I start problem solving it in my head. I always feel I’m on the verge of solving it and don’t need to write it out and reaching for that notebook would be a waste of time.

Is it laziness? A habit? I don’t know, but I’m trying to get better about writing out problems because there are so many benefits which I have noticed right away.


Unless your this guy…..

There was a time I tried to figure out the spacing of some elements to display in justified formatting. So in my head I figured there’s a total 90 spaces. There’s two elements that are static at a total of 8 spaces. I wanted to fill in the blank space with a repeating “ .”

So each repeating dot is two spaces. The dynamic element could be any length. So… static minus dynamic divided the repeating space + dot. But if that results odd I need and extra space… but if the dynamic is odd also I need one less dot… so the answer is…….. …. … I should have wrote it down to begin with.

Solved it much faster that way.


You need it for coding interviews

A final note

Fullstack Software Engineer

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