The Scientific Method Approach to Coding

As I continue to embark on my coding journey I had a random thought about the way I think and approach coding problems. In grade school we learned about the scientific method and I’ve come to the realization that its been my subconscious way of problem solving my code.

Not all steps are applicable

1) Ask a Question

So I can think of the question as the problem, or as a deliverable.

2) Construct a hypothesis

3) Test with an Experiment



4) Analyze Data and Draw Conclusions

If yes, I can either move on, or check to see if there’s a different way of solving it. Maybe there’s a more efficient solution.

If the results only partially align with the expected outcome or are completely wrong, then ask the favorite question. Why? Why didn’t I get my expected result? Why didn’t the new object save to the database? Why didn’t the function or method render the correct objects onto the screen. Use these new questions to form a new hypothesis and repeat steps 3 and 4.

5) Communicate Results

Being a developer isn’t just about what you know, its about how you think.

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