Javascript, it’s not just for web.

So you’ve learned JavaScript. You start wondering, “How can I build actual programs not just websites.” or “How can I build mobile apps for my phone?”
Luckily, you know Javascript and can get started right away!

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Mobile Apps

What options do you have to build mobile apps using Javascript?

You can use React Native to start building native mobile applications for iOS and Android. Some apps that were built using React Native are Facebook, Instagram, AirBnB. More info here

For the Vue coders out there you can use Vue Native, which is essentially a Vue wrapper for React Native. More info here

For the Angular coders theres Angular + Native Script. More info here

Desktop Applications

What about desktop applications? I’ll admit the last time I made a program that ran on a desktop computer was ages ago using Visual Basic so to find out I could create a Desktop app using Javascript/HTML/CSS was pretty exciting.

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Little did I know the 3 desktop apps I use everyday is made with electron.
Slack, Discord, and VS Code.

I can’t wait to get started making some desktop apps.

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